Capture Today for Tomorrow

It's hard for me to pin myself down to one type of photography. I photograph a lot of things! I really love people, there's nothing so interesting as Humans being Human! I love animals, the challenge of capturing their personality and size, and I love nature, the colours and the sunlight and the details. I also love architecture for its shape and pattern!

I first learnt how to wield a camera in the good ol' days of film. I still occasionally use film for shoots and I've been teaching my daughter how to use her own Olympus OM10 (with some pretty good results!)

Here's a few things I love that's not photo-related: Red wine, loud music (Decent House, Arctic monkeys, K.O.L. Prince, Bowie (gutted!!) most stuff on 6Music, live bands of almost any kind..I love the Sunshine, old cars, monster-trucks and trains and big old planes, Kate Moss, Cooking (I'm pretty good!) and massive trees!

My photography sessions are relaxed. I know how hard it is to be in front of a camera for many people and I want you to feel comfortable and happy and have a good time!

Want to hire me?

I would love to hear about your needs and look forward to chatting to you about what kind of photos you are looking for.