You and your Wedding Dress..

Every bride has spent time and energy and usually a considerable sum on the perfect dress so it's obvious that there should be plenty of photographs of it. But getting the most out of being in a dress like that doesn't always happen on one of the most momentous days of your life. There are so many other factors, all the other people for instance, that just to be on the safe side, your wedding photographer will take That photo of The Dress hanging up, the shoes waiting neatly, the veil by the window..Hang on though, why don't we see if we can take some of that pressure off?

How about a lovely little photo shoot that's especially designed to be all about you and your Wedding Dress. Delicious photos of all the little details that made you fall in love with it; the way it perfectly accentuates all your best bits and makes you feel like a goddess? Wouldn't your actual Wedding day feel a bit lighter, knowing that you had already had a brilliant photo shoot resulting in a beautiful elegant little album all about you and your dress waiting for you after the honeymoon.

Just a thought...

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