Winter Blooms

I do love flowers!

I've been 'out in the garden' since my Mother put me out in my pram under the tree to watch the leaves. (wrapped-up in home-knits and a big blanket)

I still find it very restful to be around plants. Exploring great big gardens or pottering amongst pots of herbs and geraniums. Whether it's wild on the moors or mystical in the woods, barefoot or in wellies, there's always something to be found, something to be seen.

I like to have plants and flowers in my home. Even in the Winter there are some lovely tones and textures to be found in the garden. After all the glitter of Christmas it's a great way of brightening up the house in a more subtle way.

  • Vase of flowers Photo
  • Cotton Lavender Photo
  • Winter Foliage Photo
  • Hellebore Photo
  • Moody Winter-Flowers Photo
  • White winter flowers Photo
  • Silver foliage Photo
  • White and green-flowers Photo
  • Hellebore leaves Photo

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