Wedding in Portsmouth

I come back to this photo time and again. I guess it's a snap-shot in the sense of it not being perfect. But that's what makes the picture come alive! That photograph was intended to be three men in a row, in front of a grey wall; very traditional but incredibly dull!

Whilst I could take formal wedding photographs, I won't. I try to give a guests-eye-view of weddings, capturing the inside moments, the emotions and the atmosphere.

This photo tells a story because it's unguarded. It's a tale of boys particularly and their inability, when faced with a massive cannon, not to climb it or pretend to fire it! It's also a glimpse of a future and a nod to the past. The all-grown-up-now image of boys becoming men. The weight of a morning suit and the responsibility that comes with it but behind them there's the boy on a cannon looking straight at the camera. Possibly reminding us that boys will always be boys, even after they're married!

  • Portsmouth 2 Photo

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