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This 'Notebook' section is where I put some of the photographs which maybe don't fit within the main part of my website but that I really love or that illustrate an idea I have about photography as art or social commentary.

For me, I like to look at details, particularly textures. Also I'm most often driven to point my camera at interesting light and usually that's natural light.

As a working photographer, I really enjoy new situations and different environments, which is why I choose not to stick to studio work. I could, and I could manipulate light and it would look very natural. But at this point, I find I'm just too interested in the real thing! That massive Sun and all that weather and atmosphere creates a new kind of light everyday.

Every shoot is a bit of an experiment in a way. I move around a lot and I look a lot and I listen, because every shoot is different. And that's pretty exciting!

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