Red, red, rose

The rain is playing havoc with my garden; everything is so wet and humid, the plants are bursting out of their borders and being strangled by weeds! My roses are bedraggled and the lawn has turned into a meadow:(

I usually bring flowers in from the garden to dot around the house in various chipped vases. I like them for their scent so the house smells great and I use the dried petals to sprinkle in the chicken house or stuff into little bags with lavender for Christmas.

Yesterday I thought, why not capture the intense colours of my garden on camera? It seems a shame that the roses are going to waste as the rain batters them!

Here are the results: some fine-tuning to make sure the colours were true and grain to add depth.

  • Alexseinet Flower Photography 3 Photo
  • Alexseinet Flower Photography Photo
  • Alexseinet Flower Photography 5 Photo
  • Alexseinet Flower Photography 2 Photo
  • Alexseinet Flower Photography 4 Photo

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