Photographing in the rain

Don't be downcast when the weather's overcast!

Grey skies may look dull but all that cloud diffuses the sunlight, creating creamy tones with lots of depth. Skin has more luminosity as soft light is bounced from every direction.

If it's really raining, why not embrace it? go out with your brolly, wrap up the kids in their water-proofs and go splashing about in the puddles. If it's just grown-ups, how about loitering by a likely puddle and waiting for a car to sploosh you on a busy street? Images of people in the rain usually contain more emotion and humanity because it's more difficult to pose when you're getting soaked!

If you don't fancy getting wet, why not invite your photographer in for a cuppa and spend a few hours on a 'day in your life' shoot? Your photographer can search out great spots for natural light portraits or the kids could do an impromptu dressing-up session or some supervised baking. The whole family could build a den or pile into bed or snuggle-up together on the sofa. The possibilities are pretty endless and the finished photographs have the added bonus of being even more personal because they were taken in your house, with all your stuff around.

If you don't fancy a photographer in your home, then go roller-skating or to a cafe or a local stately home or castle or museum. Just don't forget that you may need permission to photograph in some public places, so it's better to ask first:)

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