Out of focus

I think about this quite often. As a photographer, it's my job to nail focus on every shoot I get paid for. I feel an enormous satisfaction when I see pin sharp eyes on my subjects:)

But. There are some photographs which I have in my house, in albums, on my computer, framed on the wall, which are not perfectly focused and some which are frankly totally out of focus! but I really cherish them all the same.

I believe that sometimes the capture of the emotion of that second in time is more precious than perfection. Sometimes that photograph is all you have to record a great time in your life or a person or pet who you no longer have or see.

'Out of focus' certainly has it's place. I see it used often in fashion shoots. Photographers love playing around with focus points, we all love an interestingly blurred background and the public expect to be challenged by artists from time to time on our preconceptions about what constitutes a 'good' photograph.

So let's not dismiss that out of focus image just yet. Often the mood created by a spot of camera-shake or blurred motion can infuse the image with life, where a static image can sometimes get stale.

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