My kind of photography

I'm pretty shy. I'm not very good at bossing people around. I could. but I find it interferes with the natural progression of a shoot. I prefer the 'captured' moment as opposed to the 'cultivated' one. By that I mean for instance that I'm not the kind of girl who directs her clients to lay down in a circle with their heads together or asks a bride and groom to moon about in a cornfield!

Here are a few of my personal favourites. Just little things, a look or smile, People being people I guess;)

  • Alex Seinet Wedding Photography Photo
  • Mother-and-toddler Photo
  • Alex Seinet Wedding Photography Essex Photo
  • T96A2784 Photo
  • T96A0990 Photo
  • Alex Seinet Dacshund Photo

Want to hire me?

I would love to hear about your needs and look forward to chatting to you about what kind of photos you are looking for.