Timeless photographs

I'm so used to seeing this photo in colour. You might have seen it already amongst the 'Family' section of this website. Usually it has a vintage-y style of colouring with an emphasis on blue because both boys have blue eyes and blue shirts. Nothing wrong with that. Lately though I'm beginning to feel another shift in photography. It feels like we've all got over the excitement of having amazing cameras on our phones and we've played with all the Apps and we've used every filter on Instagram and now we've settled on just one style, maybe using no filters at all!!!

I feel that photography is starting to feel overdressed and is increasingly going nude into our media streams. That's no bad thing. I've always felt that certain styles of photography can age very quickly. Overly-propped wedding and newborn photography are fads that easily and very quickly age a photo. Every decade has it's fashion but photography as a medium moves quicker than that, always looking for the next big thing. Photos are literally everywhere, they're instant now and that next big thing is weeks away not years!

So that's why I've changed this photograph to black and white. The simplicity is a kind of nudity and with that comes an ageless quality. The colours I had enhanced originally feel slightly out-dated now. The tones, almost like an Instagram filter, I no longer find relevant. I have been thinking about the timelessness of the work that I provide to my clients and I believe it's a duty to give them an image that will last forever, not just physically but socially. I want my work to be the equivalent of the "Little Black Dress'!

  • Alexseinet Boys Kids Portrait Photo

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