Perhaps the idea for this sequence of images has been in the back of my mind for a while now. Certainly over the past year I have found myself having to re-think a few things which I had taken for granted. Particularly, that being able to read a person's facial expression is an obvious and natural skill which we all have inbuilt in us from birth. I admit I hadn't really thought about it, but now that I am, I begin to see that just as there are those who can read the tiniest hint of expression on another person and react accordingly to it, there are others who do not read 'danger' or at least 'caution' in the face of anger.

These images are the beginning of a project to try to show emotions without relying on a face to show it. Is body-language more effective than facial expression? We rely so much on our faces today. Not just to show beauty or age but to confirm our feelings. Is it going to be easy to show sadness or fear without eyes?

  • Alex Seinet Dancing1 Photo
  • Alex Seinet Dancing2 Photo
  • Alex Seinet Dancing3 Photo
  • Alex Seinet Dancing4 Photo
  • Alex Seinet Dancing5 Photo
  • Alex Seinet Dancing6 Photo

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