Todays' post is a dedication to Laurie Klein.

I met Laurie at a talk she gave in London last month. She was very inspiring ( and slightly scary!) I think I was a bit in awe because she'd been taught by Ansel Adams ( a Godfather of photography!) Laurie pioneered infra-red photography in landscapes when previously it had only been used for medical and forensic purposes. Laurie also began to use infra-red film for wedding photography, which is unusual but really cool! Check out some of her work at:

Here are some of my own photographs converted to infra-red. See how it gives a soft and surreal feel, especially around the trees? Infra-red photography can change an image, affecting the mood and making us look at things a bit closer. It's not just black and white.

  • alex-seinet-3 1 Photo
  • alex-seinet-infra-red-woods Photo
  • alex-seinet-infra-red-dog-2 Photo
  • alex-seinet-catkins Photo
  • alex-seinet-infra-red-dog3 Photo
  • alex-seinet-infra-red-dog1 Photo

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