Finding inspiration

New Year's Day is it's own inspiration. However, when faced with a drab, cold, mizzly day it's really hard to find the enthusiasm to take out your camera and get creative!

With many places in Essex shut on New Year's Day the only option was to go for a stomp in the woods. So with camera in bag and kids in tow we joined the masses in a pilgrimage to Hatfield Forest.

On the face of it there was really nothing to inspire. But that is often the case when you look at a whole scene. It's not until you start looking a bit closer, walking a bit slower, that you can start to see the colour in the details.

As I was lagging behind, taking close-ups of wet trees, I heard a man wish out loud that he'd brought his camera out with him too. I totally get why he didn't though. Looking out at the grey damp day you wonder what on earth you're going to photograph and you think it'll come out all grey and dreary and boring so there's no point in taking your camera out (and besides, it's heavy to carry around for no reason.) So you leave your camera all tucked-up in it's case (or box!) waiting for a sunny day and inspiration to hit (usually around the summer holiday)

Hopefully that man was inspired by seeing someone out in the drizzle with a camera and he'll know next time that there's ALWAYS something out there to inspire you. Even if it's just some wet trees!

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