A Christmas Booth

The current revival of the 'Photo Booth' has really caught my attention, particularly as I work in everyday, normal people's homes, where often there's not a lot of space to be setting up big lights and backdrops.

So I set up a 'Booth' in my sister's small kitchen, using a cloth backdrop by a window and a high stool. It being December, I enticed the kids to join in with festive props and I think you can see that we had a great time!

  • T96A0228 Photo
  • T96A0338 Photo
  • T96A0184 Photo
  • T96A0239 Photo
  • T96A0287 Photo
  • T96A0200 Photo
  • T96A0211 Photo
  • T96A0371 Photo
  • T96A0230 Photo

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