A breeze through Bristol

Bristol is somewhere I've always wanted to visit, I've heard great things about the city over the years and it seems like my kind of place. I got the opportunity to spend a few hours with my camera out and about on a very bright day and was blown away by the graffiti! It's not like anything I've ever seen before in real life. How do the artists get their art so high on the buildings?!

The much over-used "awesome" really does apply in this instance. I can't wait 'till i get to visit again! There's so much I didn't see and so many ideas for photographs in my head..next time can't come quick enough!

  • T96A5002 Photo
  • T96A5012-2 Photo
  • T96A4989 Photo
  • T96A4993 Photo
  • T96A5016 Photo
  • T96A4949 Photo
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